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Veganism: But, Like, Why?

Any time someone finds out I’m vegan it’s always followed up with the five W’s:

“Who are you doing this for? The animals or yourself?”
“What do you eat?”
“Where do you get your protein?”
“When & how often do you eat?”

It’s surprisingly difficult to answer the last question because there isn’t just one simple reason I decided to live a vegan lifestyle. For me, becoming vegan was kind of an overnight decision. I watched the incredibly enlightening documentary, Vegucated, on the suggestion from some friends who had already been vegan for a few years. When I turned 22, I started to lose my appetite for most meat. I can’t really explain why, but it turned my stomach, especially seeing a bloody steak or a too-pink hamburger. I was eating chicken occasionally, but began feeling queasy having to prepare it myself. I had two friends who were incredibly supportive in my curiosity about their vegan lifestyles. They never forced their beliefs on me, but instead answered any questions I had & always welcomed me into their home for a home-cooked vegan meal. After a few months of thinking, debating, and wondering, I asked for an opinion on a good documentary to watch that might help me learn more about veganism. I watched Vegucated that same night & then went into my kitchen & threw out all of my non-vegan food. Some background on the film from their website: