Dear Diary · Quarter Life Corner

Dear Diary Entry #1

I’ve decided to start regularly posting excerpts from my REAL LIFE diary. The posts I feature will range from around the time I turned 20 through 24-years-old. I’m not going to be posting every single entry because, trust me, a lot of my entries are just boring & whiny. But I will be posting the ones that have significance; where I attempted to process what was going on in my life & exuded pure quarter life crisis angst. I’ll occasionally comment on something enlightened or incredibly stupid I said, but I’ll try to just let the posts speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy!

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, my brand new journal! I think I’m starting off the new year right. I had a nice dinner with Mom & Daddy, during which Daddy & I took shots of peppermint schnapps. Quite festive. And Mom & I rang in the new year by watching Friends & then the ball drop. I spent most of the day watching The Office but Mom, Shadow & I went over to Uncle Jim’s with Uncle Tom because he was smoking some meat. It was really nice, just lounging on the front porch while the sun set. Overall, a good start to the year. My resolutions are to: 1) Learn to play the ukulele, 2) Be healthy – eat better, start back up running & pilates, and 3) Be truly happy with myself. This past year has been so crazy & I don’t regret it, but I couldn’t go through it again. I need to be smart & to keep reminding myself that Sterling really needs help & that I don’t feel like myself, or even very happy, when I’m with him most of the time. He’s just too messed up right now. I need to focus on me & doing things that make me truly happy, like dancing, baking, thrifting, volunteering, being with friends & family, & laughing. 2012 will be the best yet!


Okay, real time Erin talking now. For the record, those have been my New Year’s resolutions every year.