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Why Being Single Is Both Awesome & Awful

I think there is a 50-50 balance between the awesomeness & suckiness of being single.

On the awesome side:

  • Freedom to make your own decisions 100% by yourself and not be influenced by anyone else
  • Not having to report your whereabouts or plans to anyone
  • Not having to shave your legs frequently
  • No unnecessary petty arguments
  • Random solo dance parties in your room/bathroom/kitchen – free of judgment
  • Wearing sweatpants a lot. I mean, A LOT
  • Getting to drink all the wine & not sharing
  • A lot of free time to read books or do crafts
  • More money to spend on shopping online – WARNING: This can be dangerous to your bank account

On the not-so-awesome side:

  • Random bouts of staggering loneliness that make you curl up in your bed & listen to “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis on repeat
  • Realizing you don’t have any plans and your friends are all out of town & you don’t have someone to just chill with
  • Movies – an inherently couple thing to do, in my opinion
  • No one to cuddle or kiss
  • NO SEX – I mean, unless you just do it with randoms or beneficial friends
  • Feeling like maybe you have become repulsive to the opposite sex since you have not been on a date in, oh, I don’t know, FOREVER
  • No one to binge-watch a TV show with all weekend


It’s so easy to dive headfirst into another relationship just to combat the lonely feels. That’s the hardest part of being single. And it makes me understand why so many people jump from relationship to relationship & why I did it for so long; because realizing that you don’t have someone who not only will come over at 2AM because you thought you heard a burglar-type noise but will actually WANT to come over to make sure you’re safe is kind of a shitty realization. And that feeling blows. But it’s a shame that so many people are so scared of being single because honestly? The rest of it is kind of awesome.