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Why We Love The End of Times: The Draw of The Walking Dead

If you care anything about the zombie apocalypse then I’m sure you watched The Walking Dead season finale this past Sunday. If you haven’t watched it yet, (INEXCUSABLE) have no fear: this post contains no spoilers.

The Walking Dead has been gaining more & more viewers with each season. Apocalyptic-centered shows continue to gain traction as more networks focus on supernatural themed shows. Trump is running for President. The end of the world is clearly on everyone’s mind.

Why are we so obsessed with the apocalypse? Is it the idea of the world cleansing itself of humanity’s continual negative impact? Going back to a time of survival of the fittest? Or is it the idea of living with no rules? I think all of these reasons play an important role in our obsession but I think it comes down to a much simpler concept: we crave the notion of living in a time where our primary focus is survival.

In an age of rapid technological advancement we are bombarded with triviality: Facebook statuses about who & what we like, Instagram photos of what we’re eating, tweets about what we’re doing; it’s a constant stream of unimportant information in our faces every day, 24/7. What happened to the days where we weren’t aware of what our closest 300 friends were doing? We used to spend time outside without needing to later provide photographic evidence of us having “fun.” The apocalypse provides an all-in-one answer to our technology addiction. We are FORCED to appreciate the little things in life; there’s no choice. We’re free. Except from, you know, the zombies.