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So, What Do You Eat?

I get this question ALL THE TIME! From a very basic viewpoint, I eat everything that omnis (omnivores) eat except for animal products. Although, I probably do eat more hummus than the average person. Being vegan means that I have to be fairly diligent in checking food labels because many items most people wouldn’t think twice about contain eggs or milk. Pop-tarts! That was something I had never really thought too hard about before becoming vegan. The pop-tarts with frosting (the tastier ones, in my opinion) contain gelatin, which is derived from animal bones. No thank you. But since it is far too difficult to list all of the things I can and cannot eat I thought I would show you!

Everything bagel with avocado and salt & pepper. Silk strawberry yogurt with granola. Coffee with a splash of Silk creamer. 
Okay, so this is not a lunch I usually make. My boyfriend & I were super excited to try out a new restaurant nearby that is 100% vegan: Paisley Vegan Kitchen! It. Is. Incredible. I had a “Chickpea From the Sea” sandwich with a side of macaroni & cheese. My boyfriend had the “BBQ Pulled Pork” sandwich made from jackfruit with a side of macaroni salad.
Simple dinner: Steamed broccoli with quinoa & Gardein’s “Chick’n Scallopini.”
I had to include this incredible cupcake I had from Paisley’s. It was chocolate with peanut butter frosting & it was the best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life. It actually won a local contest & beat out all of the other cupcakes! The best part? No one knew it was vegan until afterward!