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Career Ideas

I know I should be starting the process of getting my shit together but I’m a late bloomer, alright? So here is a list of career ideas I put together for myself. Feel free to comment or come up with an idea for me because I’m unemployed & live at home & seriously, please help.

  • Bed & breakfast owner
  • Mental health program coordinator/advisor for a university
  • Teacher
  • Professional organizer
  • Writer/blogger
  • Center for Disease Control disaster/epidemic preparedness program developer (I made this title up, obvs)
  • Musician
  • Some sort of leadership role for a non-profit/start-up
  • Vegan advocate
  • Mental health advocate
  • Health educator

Things I Know I Like:

  • Organization, organizing things
  • Routine to an extent, but I enjoy projects
  • Preparing/perfecting an aesthetic (I’m great at laying things out & deciding how they look best, i.e., furniture in a room)
  • Being a leader but not completely solo

Things I Know I Do NOT Like:

  • Answering phones
  • Dealing with large numbers of people/coworkers
  • Monotony, too strict of a routine
  • Restrictive creative limits


People say to look at what you wanted to be when you were younger as a possible guide to what you want your career to be, but I wanted to either be a teacher or a dolphin trainer sooooo…..