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Junk Food Phases of the Broke & Hungry

Okay, so technically I wrote this over a year ago when I was living on my own. I’ve since moved back in with my parents but my junk food phases still prevail.


I’m going through a phase while living in post-graduate limbo – in between finishing out my lease at my apartment seven months early and moving back in with my parents – that I frequently dine on kettle cooked potato chips and Diet Coke. I can now look back and see that I frequently go through phases of eating and drinking certain items that now bring up a significant amount of nostalgia. For the majority of living by myself for the first time in my own apartment I ate onion pita with Boarshead traditional hummus. It had to specifically be Boarshead because it was indisputably the best, according to me and my only other two vegan friends.

The first two years of college, pre-veganism, I was obsessed with Rice Krispie Treats cereal. I think my roommate & I had no less than 3 boxes of it in our apartment at all times. One time we ran out and I went to Publix to buy more and they suddenly didn’t have it anymore. Apparently it was a seasonal cereal. That. Was. Not. Okay. I would not be able to let go of thinking about Rice Krispie Treats cereal until I had this delicious cereal in my mouth again so I spoke with an employee and asked about special ordering and told him that this item needed to be carried at all times in this store. I swear to you, since then, it has always been there.

I actually just remembered that I used to also be obsessed with this lemon shandy drink they had on tap at this college bar/restaurant I frequented weekly. They only had it on tap that summer and since then I have yet to discover it again. I also went through a heavy and dangerous period of eating Totino’s pizza once a week but I had to make myself stop. And when I became vegan I had a built-in excuse for myself not to eat it. I still think about it though.