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Top 10 Bands I’ve Seen Live

I’ve been to somewhere between 30 & 40 concerts so far in my life. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting to see bands I like perform live onstage. There is always this electricity that runs through the crowd when a band is about to come on the stage. Here, in chronological order, are my top 10 bands I’ve seen perform live:

  1. Kings of Leon @ the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, FL on May 8, 2009
    • This was their Only By The Night tour before the Followills started walking off stage because birds were pooping on them.
  2. Rooney @ Common Grounds in Gainesville, FL on July 9, 2010
    • Not a fan of Eureka but their earlier stuff is great.
  3. Phoenix @ House of Blues in Orlando, FL on October 26, 2010
    • Also not a fan of their latest album, Bankrupt!, but I love all of their earlier work.
  4. Hellogoodbye @ Common Grounds in Gainesville, FL on February 2, 2011
    • I’ve seen them live twice & Forrest Kline is always full of contagious energy.
  5. fun. @ The Beacham in Orlando, FL on March 8, 2012
    • This show was right before they really blew up & it was a packed house & they were super gracious & put on an AWESOME performance.
  6. Passion Pit @ The O’Connell Center in Gainesville, FL on October 24, 2012
    • I’ve also seen them twice & their energy is ridiculous. Their drummer threw his drumsticks into the crowd at the end of the show & my friend dove onto the bleachers to wrestle them away from another girl.
  7. The Naked and Famous @ The Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA on October 5, 2013
    • They were true perfectionists & had to restart their show because the lights weren’t working right & they promised the crowd that we needed to see this light show & it was worth it.
  8. Tegan & Sara @ the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL on May 3, 2014 for Big Guava Fest
    • They really interacted with the crowd & were funny, plus they’re amazingly talented. They’re tied with HAIM who also performed that day at Big Guava.
  9. Vampire Weekend @ the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa, FL on May 3, 2014 for Big Guava Fest
    • I hesitated to put them on the list because they didn’t do much in the way of crowd interaction (which is weird to me because Ezra Koenig is very funny & witty on Twitter) but seeing them perform in person was really awesome. I danced & jumped up & down in my seat the whole time.
  10. Bleachers @ Freebird Live in Jacksonville, FL on March 23, 2015
    • I love Jack Antonoff & his new band & this album was amazing to listen to & then see live. I can’t wait for their new stuff.