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Junk Food Phases of the Broke & Hungry

Okay, so technically I wrote this over a year ago when I was living on my own. I’ve since moved back in with my parents but my junk food phases still prevail.   I’m going through a phase while living in post-graduate limbo – in between finishing out my lease at my apartment seven months… Continue reading Junk Food Phases of the Broke & Hungry

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, dear followers! I hope everyone enjoys the weekend! Favorite Bar Cart Display (via Chronicles of Frivolity): Favorite Spring Cleaning Guide (via Lauren Conrad): Favorite Morning Reminder (via Pepper Mayo): Favorite Vegan Sweatshirt (via Vegan Police): Favorite Kitty Accessory (via Paws):

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Why We Love The End of Times: The Draw of The Walking Dead

If you care anything about the zombie apocalypse then I’m sure you watched The Walking Dead season finale this past Sunday. If you haven’t watched it yet, (INEXCUSABLE) have no fear: this post contains no spoilers. The Walking Dead has been gaining more & more viewers with each season. Apocalyptic-centered shows continue to gain traction… Continue reading Why We Love The End of Times: The Draw of The Walking Dead