My Thoughts · Quarter Life Corner

All These Things That I’ve Done

I’ve done some pretty shitty things. I’ve had more embarrassingly pathetic moments that left me crying in public than I care to count. I’ve been a terrible friend at times. Sometimes I haven’t been a friend at all. I’ve lied. I’ve acted self-righteous. I’ve been a total hypocrite. I’ve been selfish. Really fucking selfish. Self-centered.… Continue reading All These Things That I’ve Done

Body Talk · Health & Wellness

Junk Food Phases of the Broke & Hungry

Okay, so technically I wrote this over a year ago when I was living on my own. I’ve since moved back in with my parents but my junk food phases still prevail.   I’m going through a phase while living in post-graduate limbo – in between finishing out my lease at my apartment seven months… Continue reading Junk Food Phases of the Broke & Hungry